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Are You Getting Scammed?

How many of you have received that call “just verifying your free listing”? You give them your information, they talk so fast and monotone you can barely comprehend what they are saying, they use tech lingo to confuse you, and by the end you think you are getting some great deal (a FREE WEBSITE), only to be charged down the road.

I received a call yesterday from some company, who I finally found out was Loo Boo (lbu). When I started asking questions, they were masters of giving me some side ball answer or blatant lie, and they would continue talking about their great deal, hoping I would not understand. They were going to give me a free site and advertising!

It took me 10 minutes to find out who they were. First they told me they were the I called them out with listing information that was different than what they had. Then they told me they took care of my Local Yahoo Listing. Being from this industry, I know this to be absolutely false! By that time, the ‘manager’ they transferred me to so I could get my free web site approved, politely thanked me for my time, told me to have a great day, and then… dead air. I guess that is what you get for asking the right questions.
It is companies like these that give this industry a bad name. Words of advice…

1. If it is too good to be true – It Is! RUN!
2. You will get out of any marketing, advertising, people, or investment, what you put into it. So, when these places say, you don’t have to do anything, you are not going to get anything, except a big fat bill.
3. If anyone guarantees anything about what you will get from your website – RUN! No one can guarantee anything that happens online. Competition is fierce, Google is in control (and they are not selling their secrets and could change the game at any moment), and consumer behaviors online can change overnight. You can try and speculate, but the numbers won’t lie. This is an art, not a science. If you do X you can’t guarantee you will get Y. And with online marketing SEO and Web sites, it is more like, do A thru Z intending to get 1 – 10.
4. Hold your SEO/Web Firm Accountable! Make them show you the numbers. If you set out to increase qualified traffic and leads/sales on your website, then have them prove it with the data. Yes I said QUALIFIED!!! Not just traffic. You should be receiving regular reports and access to them about what you are getting, where it is coming from, and what people are doing on your website. And if it really working, you should know because emails will be coming in from your website and your phone will be ringing! If it is not, it is time to do something different.

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