Advanced Mail

If you are tired of getting spam, or concerned about getting viruses through email, Advanced Mail is your solution.  ISOCNET was the first in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky to offer Virus Protection in 1996.  We have continued to develop our filters over the years with a combination of custom scripts we have written, known spam, and our sandbox features. 

Your mail is filtered through 4 layers before entering your inbox to stop known and suspected spam and viruses.  In addition to being filtered for known viruses, your mail goes through a Sandbox, which opens the email attachments in a virtual environment and lets it run.  If it resembles a virus or does anything malicious, it will be flagged as a virus.  This is how we stop viruses before they are known to the world or mutated viruses.

In addition to our filters, you can also manage your filters by choosing your level of protection, adding to your trusted and blocked list, and managing different categories of filtering.  You may decide to receive reports of the mail that has been quarantined.  You can choose what is on the report and how often you receive it.  From the emailed report delivered to your inbox, you can easily release messages, add email addresses to your trusted/blocked list, and delete messages with the click of your mouse.

While most people who use our advanced mail to download their mail, it can also be accessed through webmail.

Some features include:

  • Messaging, Forwarding, Autoresponder
  • Folder Management
  • Spam Filtering Controls for Easy Administration
  • Auto Responder
  • User Controlled Blocked & Trusted List           
  • Administration at User & Domain  Level
  • Quarantine Access
  •  Web Mail And More!

Pricing: Monthly fee is $1.50 per mailbox.

For a free trial or demonstration, contact our sales department at 859-525-8730 option 2 or by email.