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Your Success is Our Success!

ISOCNET truly makes an investment in your website's success.  You will not only receive one-on-one communication, but expert marketing advice to optimize your web site's performance.   We will work to understand your market, define your goals, and develop a strategy to meet your goals.  With the use of our Advanced Web Statistics program, your Account Manager will review your site’s performance to monitor traffic and results on a regular basis. You know your business, and we know website marketing. 

Getting the Right People to Your Web Site!

When you have a website that gets people to do what you want, you have to get people there!  Or maybe you want to get people there so you can work on getting them to do the right things. 

Every customer is unique, and so is every online marketing strategy.  We work with you to determine what role ISOCNET can play in making your website a success.  Some of our services include:

Strategy:  Online Marketing is new for a lot of people and can be overwhelming.  So many companies have relied on traditional marketing for so long, that marketing online is new, uncharted territory.  ISOCNET will help you make sense of all the options and techniques available.  Together we can develop goals and a plan that will have the most impact for your business.

Competitor Research:  As with any marketing efforts, you have to know what your competitors are doing.  It is valuable to understand your competitor's position online, what they are doing well, and where you could gain a competitive edge.  Where are they advertising online, and what search terms are getting them high rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing?  You may not have the time to do this research, and ISOCNET can help by researching your competitor's site and providing you with a comprehensive report.

Keyword Research:  How do you know what your qualified, targeted prospects are searching for in Google?  ISOCNET can complete the research to find out what terms are being searched, how often (locally and nationally), and how competitive the terms are and what keywords will get you the most impact.

Copy Edit/Writing:  Writing the copy for your website can be a timely task.  When you include coming up with keywords it can be overwhelming.  ISOCNET can write everything for your website, or just help organize or edit what you have to be optimized for your keywords and customer.

Measuring and Monitoring: What is your website's ROI?  Using web statistics and understanding your goals, ISOCNET can provide an executive summary of how your site is performing, and make recommendations based on real time data to guide you to meeting your online goals.  Web Statistics are also available if you decide review your website's performance internally.

At ISOCNET, we not only build great websites, we work closely with our customers as consultants, educating them on the importance of having an SEO (search engine optimization) friendly website. We take the time to explain how SEO/SEM (search engine marketing) works, the steps you can take to increase traffic, move up in search engine (Google/Yahoo/Bing) rankings, and why content with relevant keywords is king. It’s not solely about having a “pretty” or “cool” website; it’s about having the right combination of both the “Wow Factor" and SEO that ensures the right visitors find your website.  

Getting the Right People to do the Right Things

Once we understand your target market and define your goals, setting up a path for your customers conversion (or getting them to do what you want them to) will be clear.  ISOCNET will then work with you to make sure your site visitors clearly understand what you do and what you want them to do.  Too many sites today are confusing, overwhelming, and unclear.  Visitors come to a website to get information, and if they cannot find it they will leave.  

It is just as important to guide visitors through your website and tell them what to do as it is to have the compelling information on your website.  If visitors can't find it or do not know what to do, they will leave the site.  You can increase your conversion by having a clear call to action on your pages and making it clear how to contact you, buy your product, or download the brochure.

So give us a call today at 859-525-8730 option 2 or complete our online form to discuss your options and to discover your online opportunities.

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Together we can create an Internet marketing strategy that leads potential customers to your door!

ISOCNET helps you by reviewing the following steps and getting you more return on your website/online investment.

  • Understand your Website Goals
  • We help you Define Your Target Market
  • Define what you want visitors to do on Your Website
  • Develop a plan on how to get your target market to Your Site and Take Action
  • Implement the plan
  • Report on the plan's success and Recommend Opportunities