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Are you looking for a Content Management System that fits your website?  Have you tried an "out of the box" solution just to find your website did not fit into that box?  Or have you had the experience where you customized that open source program to work for you, only to have your investment lost when an upgrade or patch came out?  Or even worse, your site was compromised when you did not upgrade?  Maybe you built your website but cannot find a company to support your open source application and give you the ongoing service and maintenance you require?

ISOCNET has seen it all and that is why we have built our own Content Management System that can be customized to any web site.  It is built on a platform that ISOCNET can stand behind and offer ongoing support and maintenance for.  It doesn't require special software, server installs, or bind you into some proprietary system that will continue to cost you or be expensive to make updates or enhancements.  While the system offers customized site designs, it still maintains a basic platform and framework to work off of.  And No, that doesn't mean we give you a bunch of extras that just get in the way.  It just allows us to provide you a custom solution without the custom price tag. 

WebMate Xpress is a basic Content Management System that can be used on any platform using XML coding.  No database is required.  The system allows you to update your text, images, links, etc, even your header images and footer text.  If you just want to be able to update your brochure website without the cost of a professional development team and your skills are limited to Word, this is the program for you.  The Benefits allow you to manage:

  • Text, Images, and Hyperlinks within your Web Pages
  • Search Engine Friendly Code (Title tags, meta descriptions, meta keywords) unique per page
  • Basic Company information often found in the Header or Footer of Your Web Site

WebMate Pro was developed for those third and fourth generation websites that need to offer their users a more engaging experience.  Not only is it easy to use, affordable, and can be customized for any functionality on your website, but it is supported by ISOCNET and can easily be upgraded.  Some popular features of the WebMatePro include:

  • User permissions and controls per page - choose who can perform which actions for which pages such as No Access, Read Only, Edit (in preview only, mode), Approve others content, Publish abilities, to Full Administration rights.  Each page offers individual communications and emails to be sent.  Whether each department is responsible for their area of the website or an Intern assists you in writing up your text, You can Control what happens to your site - and you don't have to worry, there is no magic button that deletes your site on accident!
  • Back Ups - Whether you want to see what you had on a page 6 months ago or published something too soon, you can pull a backup per page.
  • News Articles - Posting Articles and archiving doesn't have to be a challenge for you, we make it easy with our News Article Tool.
  • Photo Gallery - Most companies like to show pictures of their work or products.  We offer a variety of photo galleries to demonstrate your images no matter how simple or complex.
  • Blog - You don't have to have a Blog on someone else's site or using a different application.  It can all be built into your site and administration for one affordable price.
  • Form Builder - We know forms change, and you want to be able to look back at who filled out your form.  We make it easy with our form builder.  Just choose your question to ask on the website and it is done. Need to change who the form emails, or what the customer's automatic email says?  We make it easy with our Form builder.
  • Site Search - You can now control if your site has a site search and which pages you want it to search with a simple check box.
  • Bios - Every company has turn over and unique needs on how they would like their staff bios displayed.  A common tool we have made many different ways.
  • Testimonials - Want a way to display testimonials automatically?  We have a tool for that!  In fact, you may want your customers to fill them out online and you just decide to show them or not.

The options are endless.  If you want to manage your website or have regular updates, and don't want the cost of having to put your information together just to pay someone else to put it on your website, which could take days?  Then a Content Management System may be right for you. 

Call ISOCNET at 859-525-8730 option 2, to find out how to get Your website set up with WebMate.


The Options Are Endless...

Do you want to manage your website or have regular updates, and don't want the cost of having to put your information together just to pay someone else to put it on your website, which could take days?