File Manager

File Management Made Easy.

If your business needs a way to retrieve and manage large customer files without emailing or programs such as FTP, ISOCNET’s online File Manager may be the perfect solution. 

ISOCNET’s File Manager allows you to manage users, file permissions, and receive notifications when clients upload or change their files.  With our system, you can rest assured that the files are backed up and secure in our World Class Data Center.

ISOCNET built our File Manager due to the demand in our customers needing to get large files from their customers such as CAD files, Design Files, Videos, etc. that just couldn't be sent through email.  The average user doesn't know how to use an FTP program, so to make it easy, we built a web page for users to upload files to.  It expanded from there when customers wanted to manage their staff and clients folders, so permissions were created to allow You to control who gets access to whose files.  We didn't stop there.  We automated an email notification so You can know when your customer uploads a file.  You can also manage the files by moving folders, creating new folders on the fly, and deleting files and folders. 

For more information or a demo, call ISOCNET at 859-525-8730 option 2 or complete our online request proposal form, and an Account Manager will promptly contact you.


Customize and Brand Your File Manager

  • Stay Organized
  • Back Up Your Files
  • No FTP Required
  • No Special Programs or Complicated Instructions
  • Automatic Updates when Files are Added
  • User Controls
  • Get What You Need in Real Time From Your Customers
  • Keeping it Simple for Your Customers
  • Add Users in Minutes