Standard Mail

All of ISOCNET hosting packages includes our Standard Mail Server. End users may choose to forward their mail, download their mail into a mail client using POP (Post Office Protocol – so the mail is downloaded from the mail server and stored ONLY on the client’s machine) or IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol – so a copy of the mail stays on the server. The client’s machine and mail server stay synchronized), or access the messages using webmail.

Webmail allows end users to stay organized by offering a friendly, easy to use interface with the ability to do everything a mail client can do.

Some features include:Basic Mail Interface

  • Inbox, Folder Structure, Contacts, Notes
  • Calendar with Reminders
  • Tasks
  • Mail Rules
  • Spam Settings
  • Syncing Capabilities

Virus and Spam protection are included and may be managed by the each user, modifying settings as needed. All spam can be deleted immediately, stored in a junk folder, or marked and sent through to the inbox. Each email address has a trusted and blocked sender list to help users get the mail they want, and stop the mail they don’t want.

While mailbox sizes are set at 50 megs, individual mailbox sizes can be changed based on the company needs. If users are downloading their mail into a program (or using POP mail) and checking their mailbox regularly, 50 megs is often more than enough. However if a user prefers IMAP, webmail only, or does not check their email for longer periods of time, a larger mailbox may be required. There is no extra charge for additional space, since it will use the unused space allocated to your full hosting account, and requires only a setting change that can be made either through your control panel or by contacting one of our support representatives.

Pricing: Included in hosting packages, or starting at $1.00 per mailbox.