The Powerful Email Protection You've Been Looking For.

ISOCNET Armor is your solution for protecting your company's email system from outside threats including spam, phishing and viruses.

Did we mention you receive the very best in mail filtering without the cost of software, hardware or load onto your server? Armor provides the same reliability and security as our Advanced Mail email service. Our experienced technical support team can work with you to manage your Armor service or we can provide you with the level of control that suits your needs.

Armor provides you with First Line defense, analyzing all of your incoming mail requests reducing the requirements on your current email server as well as increasing filtering layers. Your administrator will have the capability to easily manage users, adjust filtering settings, and manage the email quarantine.

More reliability and redundancy is always a plus.  ISOCNET will also act as your back up mail server in case your server goes down and is not online for up to 7 days. Armor is more than just filtering, it is the kind of support your company needs for your most important and relied upon data.

Service Benefits Include:

  • Low Monthly Cost Per User
  • IP Sender Reputation System
  • Attachment Scanning
  • Anti-Spoofing, Anti-Spam & Anti-Phihsing Features
  • Denial of Service Protection
  • Foreign Language Filtering
  • Botnet/Zombie Protection
  • Directory Harvesting Protection
  • MS Exchange and ActiveDirectory Support
  • Avira AntiVirus
  • Blocked and Trusted Senders
  • Automatic Filter Updating
  • Ongoing Front Line Technical Support
  • Available DNS Management
  • Email Spooling During Server Downtime
  • Easy Office 365 Integration

You Benefit From:

  • Low Monthly Costs
  • No Additional Server Resources Required
  • Back Up Mail Server
  • Reliability and Redundancy
  • Management Access to Quarantine and WebMail Access


Pricing: Monthly fee is $2.50 per mailbox with a $25.00 minimum setup fee.

Call a Sales Rep today to get started and protect your mail server at 859-525-8730 option2!