File Management Made Easy

When we learned that clients had difficulty getting files from their customers, we built an online File Manager system that allows users to upload CAD files, design files, and even videos—any content that's too large to send through email. 

If your business needs a way to retrieve and manage large customer files without emailing or programs such as FTP, the ISOCNET online File Manager may be the perfect solution. 

Manage users, control file permissions, and receive notifications when clients upload or change their files. With our system, you can rest assured that the files are backed up and secure in our World Class Data Center.

If you're ready for a better file solution, we can provide you with a file manager that's both easy to use and capable of handling large files. Ask us about the ISOCNET solution that gives you security, branding, and so much more.

Custom Built to Meet the Needs of Our Clients

Customize functionality to meet your needs, or get the following standard features:    

  • Control who can access which files through user permissions
  • Receive email notifications when files are uploaded, deleted, or moved
  • Create, move, or delete folders
  • Manage customer logos and disk space restrictions