ISOCNET offers Colocation Services that allow you the security and confidence of storing your server in our World Class Data Center. You provide the server, and we provide the infrastructure. Whether you need one unit or multiple cabinets, we have the space for you with Smart Hands available around the clock.

ISOCNET can configure your server(s) and answer any questions you may have or provide you with Data Center access so you can set up your own environment.

Data Center Overview

Looking for the best location in this region to host your servers? Choose the Cyrus One Data Center, which is the only Tier III Facility in the Greater Cincinnati Region. It is Cincinnati's primary communications hub and is second on FEMA's priority list in case of a natural disaster. The Data Center offers unparalleled reliability, uptime, and security with triple-walled protection. Get the best of the best. Call 859-525-8730 for your private tour.

Need more than real estate? Browse these hosting options: