EMAIL FILTERING For On-Premise and Cloud 

ISOCNET was the first in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky to offer Spam and Virus Protection. 

If you're tired of getting spam, or concerned about getting viruses through email, we have the filtering solution for you. ISOCNET was the first in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky to offer Spam and Virus Protection. We have continued to develop our filters over the years with a combination of custom scripts, paid scripts, blacklist subscriptions, the utilization of sandbox technology, and more.  

Protect your mail server from outside threats with ISOCNET as your first line of defense. Let us filter all of your incoming and outgoing mail, mitigating your risk and minimizing the load on your current email server. Your administrator will have the capability to easily manage users, adjust filtering settings, and monitor the email quarantine.  

Starting at only $1.50 per month, per user

  • Easy to use
  • Eliminate 99.7% spam
  • Low maintenance with 0-hour updates
  • 100% compatible desktop or BYOD Mobiles  

Some of the benefits of our email filter include:

  • Automated Quarantine Reporting, which offers a one-click release, and the option to add senders to Trusted/Blocked lists, all from the convenience of a single email
  • No upfront hardware or software fees
  • Expert technical support
  • Real-time signature updates applied every 10 minutes
  • Sandbox feature, which opens and runs emails in a virtual environment, catching mutated viruses before they are known
  • Backup mail server for up to seven days

We provide more than just filtering; it's the kind of security your company needs for your primary form of communication, which holds your business's critical data.

Call 888-292-1719 for your custom pricing and options today! Use the links below to explore more options.