Leave Your Email Server to The Professionals

All ISOCNET hosting packages include our Standard Mail Server. End users may choose to forward their mail, download their mail into a mail client using POP (Post Office Protocol – so the mail is downloaded from the mail server and stored ONLY on the client’s machine) or IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol – so a copy of the mail stays on the server and the machine and mail server stay synchronized), or access the messages using webmail. Webmail allows you to stay organized by offering a friendly, easy-to-use interface with the ability to do everything a mail client can do.

Starting at only $1.50/month* per mailbox ($15.00 minimum):

  • Inbox, Folder Structure, Contacts, Notes
  • Calendar with Reminders
  • Tasks
  • Mail Rules
  • Spam Settings
  • Multi-Layered Filtering
  • Syncing Capabilities
  • Unlimited Aliases
  • User Controlled Blocked and Trusted List
  • Quarantine Access
  • Reporting
  • Administration at Domain and User Level

*Pricing varies based on mailbox size

ALl options include multi-Layered filtering

Virus and Spam protection are included and may be managed by each user, who can modify personal settings as needed. All spam can be deleted immediately, stored in a junk folder, or marked and sent through to the inbox. Each email address has a trusted and blocked sender list to help users get the mail they want, and stop the mail they don’t want.

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