Hosting your own exchange server can be costly and time-consuming. Email is a primary connection to the world and if your mail goes down, you may be out of business. ISOCNET is a certified Microsoft Partner, which means that if you want to use Office 365 or have your own private hosted exchange server, ISOCNET’s Team of Experts can take care of everything for you.

Hosted Exchange offers shared inboxes, calendars, folders, notes, tasks, and contacts. Take advantage of the ability to sync your mail across all of your devices. You also have a backup of your mail on the server, which can be accessed or migrated to a new system at any time.

With ISOCNET Hosted Exchange you don’t have to worry about software, hardware, uptime, backups, or spam. We can provide a custom setup to meet your needs or we can manage your Hosted Exchange, which includes:

  • 50 GB mailbox
  • One low monthly cost
  • Ability to sync multiple mailboxes
  • Share calendars, contacts, folders, notes, and tasks within your office
  • Geographical Data Center Redundancy
  • Software managed by Microsoft: No more patches, updates, crashes, or hardware failures!
  • Ongoing support: So no need for an in-house IT Staff

Call 859-525-8730 for your options and pricing today! Use the links below to explore more options.